Il Pomodoro


He is the undisputed King of our tables and of the Mediterranean diet. Quality and taste.

Il Territorio

The Territory

The cradle that for centuries has protected our ``red gold`` is the Agro-Sarnese-Nocerino.

La Qualità


The careful control of raw materials ensures our products with a unique and recognizable flavor

La Produzione

The production

Meet the quality standards preserving the typical characteristics of our foods.

About us

Sixty years ago the Viscardi family decided to focus everything on the production and processing of the typical tomatoes of the Agro-Sarnese-Nocerino area.


Today we are present in the same area with a highly specialized plant in the transformation and conservation of tomatoes.

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Taste tips

Grind the tomato

Prep. Time 5 min. Cook. Time 1 h. e 30 min. Type Main Course, soup Serving 3 people Ingredients 320 [...]

Black Bean Cream

Prep. Time 10 min. Cook. Time 1 h. e 10 min. Type Soup Serving 3 people Ingredients 300 gr Black [...]

Stew with spicy sauce with potatoes

Prep. Time 20 min. Cook. Time 2 h. Type Main Course Serving 3 people Ingredients 650 gr Veal Pulp 150 [...]

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La Bella
San Marzano
in the world

Knowledge is knowing that the tomato is a fruit;
Wisdom is not to put it in a fruit salad.

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